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i abandoned my responsibilites here at and took my literary vision on to my own selfish pursuit in the form of, but thats exactly what that site has become about, literature and an outlet for prose and not so much about self promotion, though it is my duty to promote hooked surfboards, i figured i’d check in with a little surfboard feedback from the last month here in central america, and include a couple photos of the action, i brought five by mike down here, one 5 5 19 1/4 with wings we called the punk rocket, two 5 8 “normal” shortboards that are more or less duplicates, a 5 10 thumbtail “anti single concave” and a 6 3 step up that got me through some heavy winter sessions down in buxton, there’s been a massive improvement in the in house glass jobs, i think that letting a board sit and cure is the way to make them last, there was actually time for all that, so relax kiddies, let em cure,  i actually left the first board mike glassed down here last year, and chinto just buckled it down the middle a few days ago, it’s in a state but still in one piece, everyday the locals ask to ride my boards, sometimes i let them do it, sometimes i don’t depends on how hollow it is that day, the locals here don’t call waves olas after all, they call them tumbos, what does that sound like in english?


anyway the two 5 8s are kind of my go tos, they’re the boards i can ride with confidence in surf thats waist high or overhead and kegging, they get the most use as it seems like it’s head high everyday, i’ve only caught about 8 waves on the thumbtail but the first wave i ever caught on it was a multiple barrel wave with about a 30 shot sequence to prove it, at a wave that doesn’t usually barrel, we went and checked it because the main point was so damn packed with brazilians only to find the reef/point thing out front of miramar camp was doing a damn good slab impression with no takers, i think i did a front flip off the boat, i mostly ride my 6 3 down at the rivermouth because it’s such a big playing field and if you can move around with ease and hunt down those clean up peaks you could find yourself standing with arms out stretched, it aint about turns down there, well it’s about bottom turns, the punk rocket is an interesting concept, i’ve never really had a board like it, i feel like it’s somewhat of a prototype, i really dig that board from the mid point to the tail, i think some tweaks in the nose could make this board a staple in my quiver, it’s the kind of board you want around, it’s the one the locals want to ride the most, it’s just a little punk rocket…..

from a beach and with love always