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Hope everyone is doing well out there,I know things are alittle crazy with super fullmoons, nuclear meltdowns and tsunamis I suggest turning the news off and going outside to ride some kinda board. That being said I have begun the spring shaping madness and I am stoked to report many boards are being glassed as I type this entry which by the way is my first attempt at writing .I have been blending alot of popular templates together and having great results with smaller  boards that have the lively feeling people are enjoying lately.We finally had a good swell last week and there were alot of hooked boards in the water from PR to Jersey.I am posting a video of Gavin O donell in Jersey shot by Mikey Van Buren thanks too both of those guys for the video Gnarchitecture.Thanks for checking out the site I am going to be focusing very hard on getting everyone their boards in a timely manner this season,so get on a hooked surfboard. 

Gnarchitecture featuring Gavin from Mikey van Beuren on Vimeo.

Last weeks batch of 13

Welcome to the new Hooked website

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Welcome to our new website. You can now buy boards directly from Mike online, get gear from the Hooked shop and see whats the latest news with Hooked team riders. Check back often as we’ll be adding more items to the shop on a regular basis. And be sure to keep an eye out on the photo gallery where we’ll be publishing lots of photos as time goes on. Let us know what you think and drop Mike a line.

Hooked Gets Hooked Up

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Hooked just had lots of coverage in recent Eastern Surf web galleries and in print. Stay tuned we’ll be posting more links and photos for team riders Dana Quinn and Seth Berrick. Props to Seth for making the finals in the Volcom Cooterfish contest. Lots more news to come…

Hooked Expands Northward

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Hooked has just shipped out a batch of fresh baked boards for the New York area as well as Sandbridge, VA at Surf and Adventure. This year has been our biggest year ever and this month our best month ever. Thanks for you support.